Five Things To Cut Out Right Now


When it comes to improving your health and overall wellness, the first thing we think we need to cut out is junk food, sweets, overly processed foods, etc. While that's all helpful and good to consider, there might be a few other things are doing some serious damage. Here are a few habits that could be preventing you from achieving your goals:

1. Workouts You Hate / Food You Hate: Forcing yourself to do a particular workout or eat a certain food isn't going to make you stick with it. And why do something that you hate? If you loathe running, stop running. If you detest Brussels sprouts, stop buying them. There are so many alternatives, and you don't need to do just one thing to be healthy. Keep going through the options until you find things you love.

2. The Scale: The number on the scale does not always reflect how your body is changing or the work you are putting in. Muscles are more dense and take up less space than body fat, so if you are adding (calorie-burning) muscle and eliminating body fat, the scale may go up. If you are looking for a quantifiable way to track your progress, switch to body measurements and/or calculating body fat percentages. If you want to avoid numbers all together, monitor through a particular article of clothing (i.e. the same pair of jeans) or photos.

3. Counting Calories: Obsessing over calories puts us in the position to potentially have a negative relationship with food. We need to shift our thinking toward food is fuel for our body, and calories allow our body to function and do all of the incredible things we love to do. You don't need calorie counting to track your nutritional habits. Look into counting macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats). New to the concept? Reach out to a pro (hi! that's me).

4. Stress: We tend to focus our efforts on our physical health, but we neglect our mental health, which can make a significant impact on our physical health. Take stress, for example. It can cause weight gain, inflammation, bloating, joint pain and skin issues. To say sayonara to stress, begin implementing self-care practices, like journaling, meditation or taking a walk.

5. Negative Talk: If you wouldn't say it to your friend, don't say it to yourself. Period. Stop being so mean to yourself. It's not helping you in any way. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are worthy of all of the amazing things life has to offer. Start to truly believe it.

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