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My Confidence Boosting Secret

My Confidence Boosting Secret

Think back to the last time you needed a confidence boost. It might have been yesterday, a few hours ago or right at this exact moment. What did you do/are you doing to build yourself back up? Depending on what we need to boost back from, we know exactly what to do. Other times, we have no idea how to great us back to feeling beautiful, awesome and that we can handle anything life throws at us.

We know that confidence is key. Even that phrase has become cliché, but that further proves just how important it is. Wherever the confidence is coming from, from an external or internal source, it helps us to feel empowered at work, school, presentations, social events, competitions, etc. to do anything we set our minds to and that we are the absolutely amazing, unstoppable female that we are destined to be. Unfortunately, it only takes a few seconds for our inner mean girl to pop up, make us feel like crap, and then knock us down. Whether it is about what we look like, what action we take, or what surrounds us, if we let our inner mean girl take control, it's seems even more challenging to kick her out of the driver's seat.

I let my inner mean girl dominate my life for way too long. From my years of being bullied in school, to constantly analyzing people's lives on social media, to comparing myself to unrealistic ideals, my confidence to hit rock-bottom. I never felt beautiful/smart/accomplished/good enough. I was over it. I reached my breaking point with my inner mean girl, and it was time for me to show her who the boss really was. Before this, I had tried multiple times to build myself back up, which sometimes worked for short periods of time, but it wasn't until I did something consistently that I gained back my power.

My confidence boosting secret started out as something I told myself I was going to do to get me to the place of feeling extraordinary. It has turned into something that I have done now for quite sometime, and it is something that I do everyday (or multiple times a day if I feel like I need it). The consistent practice has given me the opportunity to see all of the beautiful things life has to offer and just how crucial it is to give myself all that I deserve.

Everyday, either when waking up, before going to sleep at night, or when I need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, I write down four things:

  1. One thing I accomplished
  2. One thing I like about myself on the outside
  3. One thing I like about myself on the inside
  4. One thing I am thankful for

Whether it's in my phone or in a notebook, I make myself write it down, so I can go back and reflect upon what I wrote. Overtime, you start to see all that you have accomplished, all that you like about yourself externally and internally, and all of the reasons you have to be thankful. Yes, that's it. It's quite simple. By allowing yourself to stop and reflect, you are able to press the reset button and keep building on all that you have to offer this beautiful life!

When I started out, each of the four things were little, as in, I (1) finished my homework, (2) my outfit, (3) kind to people, and (4) my family. And, that was okay. You have to start somewhere, and before you know it, you start becoming more empowered to write down bigger things.

Just like when you are starting a new workout program, you start with the basics, and then gradually get better and stronger. Our confidence and self-love is like that too. The more we work on it, the better and stronger we will get. So let's start flexing our self-love and confidence muscles each and every day.

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