This is the Beginning

This is the Beginning

At 23 years old, I became Miss Arizona 2016, a job that I worked for pretty much my entire life. Yes, really - I saw my first pageant at age nine and my heart was set on a dream. Six years of competing for the position, a little (okay, a lot) of self tanner, thousands of hours of community service, countless supporters and a relentless passion for personal development all got to me to the Miss America stage. One year later, I felt completely lost. Slightly dramatic sounding, but not too far from the truth.

Before winning, if you asked me what I wanted to do career wise, I’d give you the perfect answer. No matter what I said at the time, as convincing or enticing as I made the career path out to be, it never felt quite right. In the back of my mind, I always thought “I’ll know what I want to do after I’m Miss Arizona.” I understand that logic seems ridiculous, but it was if I needed to complete the goal I had set for myself as a little girl in order to start working on a new one. So that year came and went in a blink of an eye and the big question still went unanswered.

The last few years have been filled with numerous transitions: closing the chapter on competing in pageants (two years in Miss America’s Outstanding Teen and six in the Miss America Organization), starting one job, becoming engaged, beginning another job, buying a house, getting married and embarking on one more job. With so much going on in my life, I was at a creative standstill, wanting to make an impact on the world but now exactly sure how to both accomplish it and feel fulfilled. I kept waiting for perfection and overthinking every action, which held me back from beginning on my next move - THIS.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized how silly I was being. I went four years withholding my thoughts because I was waiting for the right time, the pretty branded package and perfectly crafted sentences. The mindset shift was all due to the biggest and most challenging transition I will ever go through - becoming a mom.

Call it lack of sleep, mom adrenaline or as Brené Brown so exquisitely puts it, a vulnerability breakdown, but I’m done waiting. It was an “awake at 3 a.m. kind of morning” when it hit me like a ton of bricks that while I sit on my butt waiting for all of the variables to be perfect, I'm missing out on sharing my talents with the world and people that really need me. No one wins when you play small and by playing small, the one person missing out on the most was me.

THIS is the beginning, whatever “this” is. You might think of it as a blog, but I’m thinking of it as good conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee and sometimes, a strong margarita. You might think I’m trying to be an influencer, and while it’s a term that makes most people roll their eyes (including me), I believe we all have influence in one way or another. You might think I’m going overboard with a “hobby,” but I just want to make people feel less alone and help others find what fuels their happiness. 

All of that to say - hi friends, I’m Kate! Let’s hang out! Welcome to where I’m going to share a little bit about everything. The posts will be about lessons I’ve learned, messages I need to hear and a look into what brings me joy. The products I share will be ones that I truly love and believe in, and you can take them as honest recommendations coming from a friend. The main purpose is to cultivate a place for people to come together to live intentionally, grow and learn as I do the same, and know that you always have those who believe in you. 

Whether you’re looking for mindset shifts to help you go after your biggest dreams, lifestyle hacks to add enthusiasm to your day-to-day or just where to get my favorite things, you’re in the right place. Grab a cup of coffee or margarita (no judgement if it’s before noon) and let’s do this!

3 thoughts on “This is the Beginning”

  • Kate
    Thank you! My girls have looked up to you for some many years. You may have left the pageant chapter but your influence and image is still there. I am excited for you to get going on this new chapter and the words you said waiting in the perfect whatever really speaks to me I have a couple projects that I am doing the exact same thing with and I need to get out of head and just do it…. so thanks for that as well. I can’t wait to read more … take care and enjoy the amazing baby years they go so fast!

  • Love this honest and real talk. Kate, you are born to do this and I know others will love following you along this journey. Keep chasing the Dream not matter what it looks like!

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